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Pareja: 30 años (Brasil) 3.9k visitas

9 vídeos

Somos um casal de 30 anos, a amamos muito transar. E tbm se mostrar ?


Mujer: 60 años (Estados Unidos) 41.5k visitas

20 favs

I love pussy, the taste , the smell of clean and shaved tight little pussies, i love to eat younger girls pussy and make them cum all over my face and suck and lick there cum out of there pussy... i am the older female in a scenarto of a 18 year old school girl and a teacher roll and i love to get my pussy eaten by young girls who are just experimenting with there bi sexuality...


Mujer: 27 años (Brasil) 14.9k visitas

4 vídeos - 4 fotos


Pareja: 31 años (Brasil) 21.3k visitas

16 vídeos - 24 fotos

Somos um casal real, mas só queremos nos exibir e NÃO temos nenhum interesse em nada real. Curtam e comentem (com respeito) os nossos vídeos, pois assim estarão nos deixando muito excitados e também estarão nos incentivando a continuar postando nossos vídeos! Sobre o casal: ELE: Tem 29 anos, branco, cabelos pretos, olhos castanhos escuros, altura média (1,76 metros), magro (76 kg), Pós Graduado (escolaridade), não fuma e não bebe, ainda não tem filhos, é tarado por magrinhas e adora chupar buceta e gozar dentro; ELA: Tem 34 anos, parda, cabelos castanhos escuros (com luzes), olhos castanhos claros, altura 1,65 metros, magrinha (52 kg), Ensino Superior (escolaridade), não fuma e bebe socialmente, ainda não tem filhos, gosta de muito sexo.

Lady Dalia

Pareja: 64 años (Reino Unido) 38.2k visitas

22 vídeos - 79 fotos

HI, I'm Lady Dalia, my hubby loves to share me with men and women. He says he loves to dip in his stick when I'm, as he says, freshly fucked. As an obedient wife, I love to please him and I guarantee you'll be also pleased when you unload your warm cum into my sweet pussy....I also need some TLC by a lady, age doesn't matter, but prefer mature. Do get in touch, am ready and waiting!


Pareja: 40 años (Estados Unidos) 8.8k visitas

Angieholics Braingasms

Mujer: 41 años (España) 174k visitas

6 vídeos - 16 fotos

Probably the sweetest smile in the world :-) Ironic, giggly, crazy, passionate, bubbly, full of contradictions and with different faces like a Rubiks cube (want to meet my Sweet Side or my Dark Dominant side?) Erotic ASMR, burping, farting, vore, giantess. Discover DarkAngie, a Superior Femme Fatale, your perfect mind Domme who is your addictive dark fantasy. Try my mind control as a curse over your wishes and dare to let me take you to my dark world like a mantis. I can be your dream and your nightmare. Ask me for your deeper fantasies and let me show you how genuine I am. Role plays, taboo, feet, lingerie shows, sensual strip-tease, hot dancing, burping, pee, vore, giantess, erotic ASMR, JOI, CEI, farting, oil lotions on tits or full body, tits/pussy playing with my favourite toys, dildo BJ, dirty talk, mouth, teeth, biting, sneezing, hiccups... mmmmm are you ready for an explosive experience? One thing is sure, it will be unforgettable. I am unique and creative. DARK ANGIE GODDESS, MIND DOMME I have always had a hidden mysterious face, my dominant side, it emerges sometimes and it connects perfectly to those of you who really wish to worship, admire and serve a classy smart successful lady. Yeah, I feel a powerfull Goddess! This is DarkAngie, a Superior Femme Fatale, your perfect mind Domme who is your addictive dark fantasy. Specialties: Chastity plays, cum denial, confessions, CEI, JOI, SPH, punishment and dominance assignments, feet and heels worship, submission tasks, tributing slavery, financial domination (monthly budget supervision), mind control, teamviewer, cuckoldry, ASMR mocking/manipulation, ignore sessions, blackmail, public mockery, female supremacy, blackmail. If you feel you may be one of my dedicated subjects, please contact me and I will let you know how much I can make you happy and fulfilled from your complete dedication to Me. I can be your dream, I can be your nightmare, your obsession, whatever you imagine in your mind. You don´t deserve me. Just worship me, admire Me, spoil Me and love Me as your reference Angel. Not a rude, eccentric common domme, Dark Angie will get deeply into your inner personal desires, needs and secrets as a subtle crawling snake: mind control and manipulation can indeed be worse and stronger than insults, yelling or even punishment, don´t think this will be a bed of roses. Not at all. You are beneath me and you will be treated as such. I am a gorgeous busy succesful woman in my real life, fortunately I don´t need money for my basic living, nevertheless I love enjoying the finer things in life at the expense of my Angiholics and devoted pay pigs, above all travels, photography stuff, technology, cosmetics to keep myself divine, books, beautiful outfits, good foods and dinners out. I absolutely need my subjects to admire Me, love Me, respect Me, look after Me, venerate Me and follow Me. You must worship every inch of my person and surrender to my control, dominance, attention and my sudden impulses and whims. I have a special fetish for feet so feel free to make them your reference to kiss and adore them. Let yourself be overwhelmed by my sensual warm determined voice (tingling ASMR), enjoy whispering to my subjects´ mind so as they can feel I am besides them ordering, mocking or laughing at them. I can be a soft domme teasing your mental sickness or more wicked and psychologically cruel to make you succumb to my enchantment. Try my mind control as a curse over your wishes and dare to let me take you to my dark world.


Mujer: 21 años (Estados Unidos) 23.1k visitas

2 vídeos - 15 favs - 48 fotos

Kinky college student who loves sex, preferably CNC and anal. As long as it hurts, I'm pretty good. Yes I am taken. Yes he lets me get shared sometimes.


Mujer: 30 años (Argentina) 34k visitas

26 vídeos

Buenos Aires, Argentina. Geminiana masajista. Instagram:


Pareja: 46 años (Brasil) 52.4k visitas

5 vídeos

A melhor boate swing do norte do brasil. venha conhecer!


Pareja: (Estados Unidos) 34.7k visitas

5 vídeos

We are trying to find someone to come and play with us..hit us up if u want to have some fun


Mujer: 54 años (Estados Unidos) 53.5k visitas

Alexa La Negra

Mujer: 33 años (México) 602.5k visitas

13 vídeos - 2 favs - 59 fotos


Mujer: 28 años (Canadá) 2.7k visitas

2 vídeos

Hey! Follow my journey as I fight my camera shyness to entertain all of you! I am horny 24/7, I can never resist ?

Sweet Lucifer

Mujer: 30 años (Europa) 262.7k visitas

105 vídeos

Fetish model, Italian Goddess, Femdom, Findom. Let me mesmerize you with my wonderful body and sensual voice.


Mujer: 38 años (Estados Unidos) 63.4k visitas

Little sub here waiting for daddy...

Purple Vayda

Mujer: 22 años (Estados Unidos) 168.5k visitas

5 vídeos - 10 fotos

If you don't know me from Fetlife or PH(Ex-PH model) then let me introduce myself. I am Purple Vayda, I am most commonly known for taking others on my training adventure. Master and I started filming our freaky fucked up sex life for our own pleasure. After seeing others on Fetlife share their experiences behind closed doors we started to upload our content and quickly became popular. At one point i had over 10 pages of my content on google alone. Moving on to bigger and greater things i no longer am on PH and do not ever plan to be. I am branching out to greater websites such as XVideos to share my content again as i have a bunch of people not so happy with me that all 300 of my videos are gone. I love hearing from others, i do try to reply to messages as quickly as possible. If i am not filming content i am either getting used by my master or working on my live cam! :D


Pareja: 25 años (Uruguay) 6.3k visitas

4 vídeos


Mujer: 26 años (Estados Unidos) 40.8k visitas

36 vídeos

I'm a young, sexy redbone who looks demure, but is actually really freaky. I love when new admirers recognize that I'm a sexual goddess and pamper and worship me accordingly


Pareja: 44 años (Estados Unidos) 14.1k visitas

6 vídeos - 12 favs - 36 fotos

Freaky couple looking for another freaky couple, or woman to video chat with and have some fun together. We love watching people fuck and we love people watching him fuck me with my fishnets up to my ass and panties pulled to the side. Anal, pussy fucking and licking my pussy is what he loves to do to me. I love sucking his cock and riding him ALL! NIGHT! LONG! We love watching threesomes, gangbangs and swingers fucking slutty whores. Hit us up and maybe we can chat each other up and have some fun being naughty together


Mujer: 19 años (Ecuador) 15.5k visitas

5 vídeos

Hola bebés soy Sofía Deep y soy modelo de SagitarioXlatinas estudio, aquí verás parte de mi contenido, ve a red y compra mis vídeos! Revisa todos mis canales ??

Amantes Do Sexo 69

Mujer: 27 años (Brasil) 16.9k visitas

4 vídeos


Pareja: 42 años (Estados Unidos) 9.3k visitas

29 vídeos

Official XVideos account of JinxySex


Pareja: 46 años (Estados Unidos) 11.9k visitas

5 favs


Mujer: 27 años (Estados Unidos) 105.1k visitas

3 vídeos



Mujer: 34 años (India) 10.6k visitas

11 vídeos

Heather Heels

Mujer: (Estados Unidos) 95.5k visitas

8 vídeos

Tattoo Milf married to Award winning director / performer Dirty Danza.


Mujer: 27 años (Estados Unidos) 11.9k visitas

4 vídeos

Cindy Cupcakes

Mujer: 31 años (Canadá) 100k visitas

I'm Cindy Cupcakes & I'm brand new to the internet!. I love to show off everything to my members! Just watch me pull off my clothes & spread my legs. Don't let my sweet smile fool you, I'm a naughty girl & I prove it on my site! You won't see me anywhere else either! Enjoy my tour, I'll see you inside!

Casal Beh

Pareja: 24 años (Brasil) 53.7k visitas

4 vídeos - 3 favs - 13 fotos

Casal jovem com algumas experiências, curtimos praticamente de tudo, adoramos sair pra beber, jogar e se aventurar sexualmente. Temos preferência por sair com casais, mas adoramos conversar sobre tudo e com todos.


Pareja: 47 años (Estados Unidos) 51.5k visitas

33 vídeos - 191 favs - 143 fotos

My husband Shellyseth and I make amateur porn. . Currently seeking a MMF experience. And there are rules. Hit up in chat


Mujer: 40 años (Estados Unidos) 139.6k visitas

2 vídeos - 9 fotos

Just a young horny blonde haired, blue eyed bimbo who likes to fuck and show off. looking for fun and love making movies for my clips for sale site. Also looking to do some modeling here on xhamster. Lots of fetishes and kink interests! Love being Daddy's girl. Love being slut trained. Getting properly face and throat fucked. Love my cunt cummed in. Love getting my little pink bubble gum knot tooled loose. Being used to make a cock happy is this little girls dream cum true. I don't cam unless I'm paid but I do love tributes. My vids can be found at Love making money doing custom vids on clips for sale so let me know what you like. I'm a dirty little bitch, try me!

Anais Anisee

Mujer: 25 años (Estados Unidos) 270.3k visitas

64 vídeos

Flexible • Slim Thick Ebony • Girl Next Door • I Get Real Freaky • Give Good Throat • New Uploads Every Four Days • #GAK


Pareja: 27 años (Turquía) 19.1k visitas

2 vídeos

Merhaba beğenip abone olursanız sevinirim.

Red 2690

Mujer: 32 años (Estados Unidos) 13.2k visitas

1 vídeo


Mujer: 19 años (Rusia) 9.4k visitas

3 fotos


Mujer: 25 años (Brasil) 771.8k visitas

3 vídeos

Dana Y Andree

Pareja: 26 años (Perú) 9.2k visitas

1 vídeo

Somos una pareja universitaria con muchas ganas de vivir nuestra sexualidad y exhibirnos por todos lados posibles *n* Para apoyar nuestro contenido y obtener videos y fotos exclusivos puedes apoyarnos en Patreon desde 1 USD <3


Mujer: 32 años (Indonesia) 658.5k visitas

5 vídeos - 65 fotos

will u make a tribute video for me? ;)


Mujer: 24 años (Brasil) 32.7k visitas

14 vídeos - 26 fotos

Vão visitar meu perfil no câmera prive, agora posso receber ligação. Me liguem vou adorar fazer um show para vcs


Pareja: 26.4k visitas

2 vídeos - 4 fotos

Pareja venezolana que busca divertirse

Deep N Wide

Pareja: 36 años (Estados Unidos) 19.7k visitas

5 vídeos - 62 favs - 11 fotos

We're a married couple who love to get high and explore our sexual fetishes and fantasies. We would love to bring in another couple who enjoy fucking and cumming over and over as much as we do for a night of fun, fucking, and pure kinky ecstasy. If you are interested send us a friend request.


Mujer: 26 años (Kenia) 54.3k visitas

6 vídeos

Please Subscribe, like and comment on my videos♥️?? Enjoy my videos


Pareja: 34 años (Estados Unidos) 121.4k visitas

10 vídeos - 26 fotos

Hi this is Max and my wife Fia. We’re a married couple. Very committed and been together for ten years now. We’re officially swingers. We love to go to the swinger clubs and hotel parties. We love couple swap, enjoy both soft and full swap. We often do single males for MFM and she really enjoys it. One of our fantasy is a stranger creampie my wife and makes her pregnant. My wife is down for it if she finds her dream man. A man between 25 to 40 years old. Good looking, fit and tall and Caucasian. She says if she finds someone like this, then she’d be happy to let him fuck without condom and put all his cum inside her. Her dream man is “Thor” from the movie. So if there’s someone out there look alike Thor or good looking like him, then she’s ready get pregnant and let you creampie her. The best thing is we often talk about this creampie idea and that turns us on every time. So freaking sexy....would love to hear your nasty fantasy about my wife, if you have anything in your mind. Thanks. **PRIVACY NOTICE:Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos, and/ or the comments made about my photo's or any other "picture" art posted on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.


Modelo / Canal

9 vídeos

instagram: sexy_moddel_18


Pareja: 33 años (Estados Unidos) 10.1k visitas

3 favs

We are who we are. Like to have fun. We only talk to people on here. We will not email, txt, snap, lol, or anything. We can talk right here just fine

Emily Sweet

Mujer: / 265.7k visitas

2 vídeos

I love taking pictures of myself and showing off my body, especially outside. Right now I'm trying to pay off my college fees, so I started my own site to help raise some money.


Mujer: 33 años (Estados Unidos) 44.1k visitas

I'm new to all this. I don’t even really know how to upload or make anything public nor do I have any means to make a video at the Moment but I do want to. Im a 28 year old college student in San Diego California who still doesn’t know what to do for a career !


Mujer: (España) 23.5k visitas

19 vídeos - 32 fotos

Hi babies, I'm here to fulfill your fantasies and mine. You can get to know me more here or on tw(luxianasexy) ig(luxiana_sexy/luxianasexy) or sn ap chat(luxianasexy) or s k y pe([email protected]). U can watch my lives on https://es.cha tur ba


Mujer: 38 años (Reino Unido) 1.8k visitas

2 vídeos

Paola Venturine

Mujer: 30 años (Brasil) 496.1k visitas

50 vídeos

Atriz pornô brasileira


Pareja: 37 años (Estados Unidos) 6.9k visitas

2 vídeos


Pareja: 28 años (Brasil) 26.8k visitas

5 vídeos - 11 fotos

Casal exibicionista, uma esposa muito gostosa e um marido insaciável, queremos apenas exibir nossas fodas ! Só aceitamos solicitação de amizade de outros casais.

Tu Milf Culona

Mujer: 34 años (México) 13.5k visitas

16 vídeos - 12 fotos

Hola soy una milf muy caliente, para que los agregue de amigos y puedan mandar mensaje deben suscribirse. Si solo mandan solicitud de amistad los voy a rechazar


Mujer: 51 años (Estados Unidos) 1.9M visitas

1 vídeo

Wife, mom, working woman...and pornstar.. For more content and full length videos -----> O F /therealvanillacakes


Mujer: 26 años (España) 28.5k visitas

3 vídeos - 8 fotos

Una sumisa curvy?, tetona, con culazo que hará tus deseos realidad. Y Ulysses, su pareja, un amo muy severo que le gusta someter a los hombres y a las mujeres que se atreven con su enorme ? Leono es una súcuba muy obediente, dulce y muy muy pervertida, el deseo de cualquier amo. Piérdete en su cueva del placer, entra en su perfil, hará todos los fetiches que quieras y mucho mucho sexo? Sigueme en Twitter : @Leonopoteryx En mi perfil encontrarás fotos morbosas , explícitas y vídeos míos en plena acción sola o con mi pareja, un alfa que me da duro y me somete como la guarra insaciable que soy. Nunca me canso de notarla dentro de mi...


Mujer: (México) 27.3k visitas

10 vídeos - 80 favs - 4 fotos

Soy caliente y fogosa


Mujer: 20 años (México) 25.1k visitas

8 vídeos - 19 fotos

Hola soy una joven de 20 años ❤️ Sigueme en instagram me encuentro como Naymx_official ❤️ Suscribete a mi canal para que me anime a seguir subiendo contenido, puedes hablar conmigo, acepto cualquier regalo ❤️ Los estare esperando ❤️


Mujer: 35 años (Estados Unidos) 284.8k visitas

54 vídeos


Pareja: 32 años (Estados Unidos)

5 vídeos - 3 fotos

Married couple ready to share the sparks.

Freya Allan

Mujer: 21 años (Rusia) 30k visitas

2 vídeos


Mujer: (Argentina) 42.3k visitas

7 vídeos - 11 fotos

Buenas acá les voy a compartir un poco de mí contenido, espero que les guste, cualquier consulta al IG o al mail porfa es lo que visito más!! Besitos


Pareja: 28 años (Estados Unidos) 88.3k visitas

8 vídeos - 17 fotos

We are a couple that enjoys being sexual. This is our channel documenting our sexual journey, we hope to share the experience with other people and we hope you enjoy watching. Open to messages and comments. Get to know us! :)

Nisha 21

Mujer: 31 años (Estados Unidos) 36.2k visitas

You wanna know more just ask. I am 5`6". I am Black and Native American


Mujer: 24 años (Canadá) 17.7k visitas

4 vídeos

In Haven you can find many taboo creators, as well as support and acceptance the darker side of yourself. I would love to see you in #safehaven!

Chika Kalientika

Mujer: 28 años (México) 51.9k visitas

1 vídeo

Holi Quieres hacer sexting Sígueme en only [email protected] Y en mi instagram o Facebook

Mask Diva

Mujer: 20 años (Nigeria) 13.6k visitas

2 vídeos

I am the most naughty lady in Nigeria... Subscribe to see more


Mujer: 36 años (India) 43.1k visitas

6 vídeos - 1 foto

Hello freands please like comment & share my videos videos is coming

Elfa Ruiva

Mujer: 27 años (Brasil) 152.8k visitas

19 vídeos

Olá! Meu nome é Elfa Ruiva e sou criadora de conteúdo adulto. Faço vídeo chamada, vídeos personalizados e também vendo packs. Se tiver interesse em algum conteúdo:


Pareja: 31 años (Indonesia) 15.2k visitas

7 vídeos

Mau full durasi bisa DM ya.. And request vid juga boleh..


Pareja: 36 años (Estados Unidos) 80k visitas

6 vídeos - 5 fotos

Cash App for more videos$Sweettee2013 Me and my husband are looking for some freaky clean women to join us for some Fun


Pareja: 40 años (Estados Unidos) 2.2k visitas

3 vídeos


Pareja: 37 años (Estados Unidos) 15.6k visitas

10 vídeos

one of these freaky squirrels getting nuts all over the place Brooklyn nyc


Mujer: (Estados Unidos) 7k visitas

4 vídeos

I am single and horny!

Squirt Babe

Mujer: 27 años (México) 44.3k visitas

7 vídeos - 6 fotos

Hola bebes si gustan apoyarme para hacer mas material gratuito tengo a la venta material personalisado y ropita interior con mi squirt ..Bebita megaculona , una panochita carnosa super jugosa ,labios de mamadora y me encanta correrme a chorros ,si gustan apoyarme para hacer mas material gratuito tengo a la venta material personalisado y ropita interior con mi squirt ..


Pareja: 42 años (Ucrania) 17.9k visitas

2 fotos

Looking for girl who would like to join teasing of cuckold as submissive to Mistress. Black man for fun with snowbunny sexwife. [email protected] net

Lady Shibari

Pareja: 31 años (Polonia) 80.8k visitas

1 vídeo


Mujer: 27 años (Estados Unidos) 36.3k visitas

2 vídeos

I WILL ONLY RESPOND FROM MY SNAPCHAT follow me on Twitter @DamnDesi69 Ask me about my premium snap! Ask about my private live sessions and how you can get photos and videos from my private collection


Mujer: 25 años (Bolivia) 107k visitas

2 vídeos - 11 fotos

Suscríbete y dale like porfa y si podes donar por tigo money para poder subir más vídeos de mejor calidad, me encanta el sexo soy una nifonama insaciable y me gustar chuparla bien rico así como en los vídeos q subo


Pareja: 34 años (Estados Unidos) 18.1k visitas

2 vídeos - 2 favs - 4 fotos

Im 28 years young and I'm passionately in love with my husband. We have a real porn sex life. I wanna show the world its possible to find a man you HAVE to fuck, make love to, suck, lick, ride, and more. Plus he's a sex GOD and I'm his GODDESS. CHECK US OUT

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